Arrested For DUI In Hampton Roads

The criminal justice system provides clear guidelines for the process of bringing charges against the accused, gathering evidence and sentencing those who have been convicted. Unfortunately, even though everyone has the right to due process, people who have been arrested often feel like they have been found guilty before they have even spoken to a lawyer.

This is particularly true in alcohol-related offenses like drunk driving or DUIs. The moment an individual is pulled over, law enforcement begins collecting evidence in favor of a conviction. This may include the use of field sobriety tests, chemical tests (like Breathalyzers) and questioning the accused about his or her driving or behavior without an attorney present.

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DUI Defense, Driver’s License Suspensions And Treatment Programs

Virginia Beach is known as a vacation hot spot, where many visitors can often end up in trouble. Few people realize how stringent the local legal environment is in cases of drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUIs). Law enforcement officers even have “DUI Task Force” designations because of the heightened training they receive on these issues.

The court system and the Department of Motor Vehicles take any arrest seriously, but there is also a shift in focus toward prevention of arrests. Mandatory participation in rehabilitation programs, drug counseling programs, safety and awareness programs are often options for reducing sentences or finding alternatives to the worst-case scenario.

I am skilled in bringing to light issues that help suppress evidence against my clients, negotiate reduced charges and sentences and, in some cases, have charges dropped entirely. I will work with you one-on-one to address your concerns and protect your rights through every stage of the process.

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