Dedication, Knowledge And Accessibility From Your Lawyer

A sudden legal battle is frightening and overwhelming, particularly for someone who has never been involved in one before. Working with an experienced attorney can help you find opportunities for success, even when your financial resources are suddenly spread thin, your employment opportunities are threatened and your personal relationships are strained.

For more than 21 years, I have worked with people throughout Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas of Virginia in cases of criminal defense and family law, when they are up against seemingly insurmountable odds.

My firm, the Law Office of Simon J. Marle, P.C., is dedicated to providing accessible and valuable representation when people need it most. I offer reasonable rates and free initial consultations because I believe legal representation should not have to cripple my clients financially.

Schedule an initial consultation. I can be reached online using the email form below, or by telephone at 757-383-9915.