Hampton Roads Family Law Attorney

When working with my clients in family law, I see people who need a helping hand through some of the most personal and emotionally challenging issues in their lives. The last thing they need from their family lawyer is a fruitless bill for legal services that strips them of their financial stability.

I firmly believe that the best way to ease the pain associated with divorce, child custody, support payments or property division is to educate my clients about their rights. By selecting me to be your attorney during your time of trouble and uncertainty, you are selecting a lawyer who will provide excellent legal representation and personal service without the exorbitant legal costs often associated with larger law firms.

My law firm, the Law Office of Simon J. Marle, P.C., is in Virginia Beach and is focused on providing results and advocacy to clients while retaining reasonable fees and accessibility they deserve. Time and time again, people walk into my office concerned about the future, and they walk out with a more confident and positive outlook for themselves and their loved ones.

As your Virginia Beach family law attorney, I will take the time to work with you one-on-one and address questions like:

  • How long does it take to finalize a divorce in Virginia?
  • What are the differences between and my options in child custody agreements (i.e., joint custody, legal custody vs. physical custody, etc.)?
  • How can I be sure child support payments are fair and reasonable?
  • How long may spousal support payments last? How are they calculated?
  • Is there a way to keep the marital home or sell and fairly split the financial value through property division agreements?
  • What happens if I am concerned about my child’s safety because of abuse and neglect? Does criminal law become a factor?
  • What do I need to consider in family law transactions like adoptions, paternity actions or name changes?

Peace Of Mind And Dedication To Your Unique Circumstances

My career in law spans more than 21 years in litigation. For more than 21 of those years, I have served as a guardian ad litem (court-appointed legal guardian) for children whose rights are threatened by legal action.

Whether approaching cases with an aggressive stand in courtroom proceedings, or using settlements when appropriate to mitigate the stress and financial cost of trial, as an attorney, I am always determined to do what is right for my clients.

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