Hampton Roads Traffic Violations Lawyer

For more than 21 years, I have worked as a criminal defense attorney in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area. The Law Office of Simon J. Marle, P.C., handles a wide range of criminal charges, including those related to serious traffic offenses.

This area of law can involve cases ranging from relatively minor to life-altering, but every situation has many consequences in both the criminal justice system as well as civil law (i.e., driver’s license suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles). Even a setback with your driver’s license can limit your employment opportunities (as in cases of commercial driver’s licenses) or your ability to care for yourself and your loved ones.

As a Virginia Beach traffic violations attorney, I handle cases for Virginia residents, military veterans, and people from out of state who received citations in the Hampton Roads area. These include cases of excessive speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license, hit and run, vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving (DUIs).

Not Just A Speeding Ticket Reckless Driving In Virginia

Virginia has strict laws about speeding that turn some cases of excessive speeding into more severe reckless driving charges. For example, any speeding over 80 mph is considered reckless driving, even if it is only 10 mph over the speed limit. In contrast, someone going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone (20 mph over the speed limit) is only subject to a speeding ticket.

It does not take much for a speed of 81 mph to result in a $2,500 fine and/or up to a year in jail. Anyone who receives a reckless driving charge must almost always appear in court — a crucial aspect to the process.

These cases are far more complex than most people realize. Make sure to retain experienced representation if you have been charged with reckless driving.

Protect Your Rights And Contact A Lawyer

If you have been questioned, arrested or charged with a crime, remember you still have rights to protect. These can be challenging to preserve when law enforcement is forceful or intimidating. Always be cooperative and polite to an officer, but exercise your right to remain silent.

Discuss your case as soon as possible with an experienced attorney. I, Simon J. Marle, am here to help. Schedule a free initial consultation by email or by telephone at 757-383-9915.